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Phone: (+61) 02 6288 4080
Fax: (+61) 02 6287 1788
Email: Support@raceISP.net
Hosting Plans
Every Website needs a top hosting solution - and not all web hosting solutions are the same.

There are many "web hosting companies" that will host your site "inexpensively" - sharing the same pipe as hundreds of other Website sites hosted on outdated computers - jamming up the connectivity speed of your web site hosting.

Many of these "hosting companies" are simply "resellers" of web hosting solutions that are located offshore in the USA - adding many additional "hops" to your network and slowing down customer access to your Website.

These "Resellers" have no control over the hardware, infrastructure or service level that they provide - they are simply at the mercy of the hosting company. RaceISP believes that your Website deserves better.

When it comes to Windows hosting, ASP and ASP.NET, consider RaceISP as your complete solution.

All for as little as $35/month (inc GST) we offer web hosting and email solutions with 99.9% uptime SLA's.

From as little as $440/month (inc GST) for Mission Critical Web-Hosting we offering 99.99% uptime SLA's!

Plan Comparison:
Plan Name Size Download Cost
WebCard N/A N/A $180.00 Annually
Web Basic 30 Mb 500 Mb/Month $35.00/month
Web Professional 50 Mb 1 Gb/Month $55.00/month
Web Enterprise 100 Mb 2 Gb/Month $75.00/month
Custom Custom Custom POA
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**All Prices Include GST and are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Contact Us for further details.

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