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Phone: (+61) 02 6288 4080
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Email: Support@raceISP.net

Building a client base or contact list is useless if you cannot reach them with news and marketing material.

RaceISP has developed a communication framework named My Media Cast. My Media Cast is a complete turn-key solution to managing and tracking communication with your clients or contacts.

It has been developed specifically with businesses in mind and aims to reduce the overheads associated with preparing and disseminating media releases, news, press releases, product information, specials, and much more.

At a glance My Media Cast features the following:
  • Send communications by Email, Fax and SMS;
  • Create multiple managers to handle your communications;
  • Grant communication privlages for each manager;
  • Create members, a member is a client, contact, customer, etc;
  • Create member groups, each group may contain any number of members;
  • Set indivudual member-group profiles, these define the way in which a member receives communications for a particular group;
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe facility;
  • HTML Email Newsletter Maker Program;
  • Web-based Questionnaire Module.
Contact Us for further details or click here to go to the MyMediaCast website.

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